In the beginning…the Iroquois Indians believed that lacrosse was a gift from the Creator, and it is considered his favourite game; bringing much enjoyment to the Indian people.


1636 – French missionary father Jean Brebouf describes “Le jeu de la crosse” as looking like a Bishop crozier

1662 – French trader Nicolas Perrot first wrote of the game, stating the there were rules and that the game was played to three goals.

1750 – Mohawks teach the game to French Canadians in Montreal.

1763 – Ottawa Indians, lead by chief Pontiac, play lacrosse as a diversion and are able to overtake the British at Fort Michilimakinac.

1797 – Col. William Stone observes a game between the Mohawk and the Seneca with over 600 players involved.

1834 – Mohawks play lacrosse at St. Pierre Race Track in Montreal making it a popular spectator sport.

1844 – First official game between the Iroquois and the Canadians started a seventeen-year winning streak for the Iroquois.

1856 – New rules developed as first lacrosse club formed in Montreal as stick becomes shorter and a smaller playing field is defined.


1867 – Iroquois tour England to play lacrosse as Canada makes lacrosse their national sport.


1875 – First English Lacrosse club formed in Stockport. Still exists.


1880 – American team beats Canadian team for the first time. As Indians are banned from all international play.


1904 – Canada wins Olympic Lacrosse Tournament.

1913 – Women’s lacrosse begins in England.


1932 – Iroquois play in Los Angeles Olympics.


1967 – First World Lacrosse Championship won by Team USA.

1971 – First NCAA national Lacrosse Championship won by Cornell

1983 – Iroquois Nationals Lacrosse Program founded.